Know painting a better tomorrow


Know painting a better tomorrow

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Know painting a better tomorrow

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Know painting a better tomorrow

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Know painting a better tomorrow

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 When a road is made with cement-concrete, any type of paint … solvent thinnable or water thinnable, can be used for marking. But if the roads are made of concrete and coal tar, (as is the case in India) the choice is limited to:

 (a) Alcohol thinnable paint Or

 (b) Water thinnable paint. Alcohol thinnable paints are difficult to apply when the road is hot.

So, the obvious choice is a water thinnable coating. The most economic of water thinnable paint is acrylic emulsion paint, having high TG value. In other words, the emulsion used for such paint must yield hard film, though with flexibility. These characteristics will result into long wearing coating.

Areas of Application

 Any type of hard road, which needs any type of marking.

Surface Preparation

 The surface must be free from dust and grease. A thorough wash with good soap solution will clean the surface to the desired level. There is no need to dry the surface because the paint is water thinnable.

  Technical Data

*     APPEARANCE                 : White or yellow coloured thixotropic material.

*     VISCOSITY                   : Thixotropic

*     THINNER TO BE USED : Water, if necessary.

*     DUST FREE TIME          : Half an hour

*     SETTING TIME             : 1 – 1½ hour depending on ambient temperature.


*     RECOATABILITY            : After three hours

*     MINIMUM LIFE              : At least six months under heavy traffic.

  Directions for Use

 In case a hard brush is used, which can penetrate into a porous surface, paint should be used as such. But, if soft brush is to be used, the paint may be thinned with water, using a maximum of 8-10%.\